practitioner (n.) 1540s, "one who acquires knowledge from actual practice" Meaning,"one engaged in the actual practice of an art or profession."            


Also, "one who uses any sly or dangerous arts."

I am not a teacher in the formal sense but rather the traditional.

I identify poetic ingredients (qualities) and combine them as I feel is most helpful, healing, and thought-provoking for myself and others. This practice translates to something that vaguely resembles the role of a teacher though I am very openly disinterested and suspicious of academia and the parameters that define it i.e shame, competition, binary forms, formality, ableism, status quo, class politics, eugenics, and the like.

What I am interested in: close reading, experimentation, following the path of confusion, interdisciplinary approaches, automatic (intuitive) knowledge, slow knowledge, liminal knowledge, restorative knowledge, plainspeaking, self directed chaos, genuine disagreement, joyful collaboration, citation, generosity, parallel play, surrealism, cosmology, magical objects, abandonment, etc.